HackNotes(tm) Web Security Pocket Reference


HackNotes Web Security Portable Reference describes the hacks and vulnerabilities threatening today’s Web applications, then provides the defenses necessary to counteract and destroy threats of all manner. Determine whether a vulnerability exists, then attack and overcome application weaknesses through a series of tested and trusted anti-hacking methods, bullet-proof best practices, and code-level techniques. Use the unique Reference Center in the middle of the book to access security commands, input validation checklists, tables for alternate encoding schemes, online resources, SQL injection hints, application testing methodologies, and more..

  • Find critical information in seconds with special 32-page Reference Center insert .
  • Configure a secure Web server and develop secure Web applications .
  • Learn and understand application scouring and penetration methodologies .
  • Protect application data from unauthorized access .
  • Create hardened policies, applications, and services .
  • Track evidence of application attacks in Web server log files .
  • Block platform and Web application vulnerabilities .
  • Learn the tools available to handle session hijacking, SQL injection, and more .
  • Eliminate common programming pitfalls in ASP, PHP, Java, and Perl .
  • Identify Web-based attacks with thorough log analysis .

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