Malware Unpacking With Ollydbg


For years, malware take advantage of packers to protect themselves against reverse analysis and AV detection. Third party packers such as UPX, PECompact, Aspack, etc. were being used by malware for years to somehow evade antivirus detection and make reversing difficult . However, due to the fact that these are available tools, AV companies and reversers where able to study them and thus malwares packed with such third party packers can be easily unpacked these days. Today however, malware using a so called hacker-packer is proliferating. Unlike packers such as UPX, hacker-packer tools are not readily available. They are sold and distributed usually underground.
In this video, we will discuss a technique to unpack most malware using Ollydbg. To start let us first look on the following useful Ollydbg features. We will be using these features for unpacking a malware sample.

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