Hacking Exposed Wireless, Third Edition


Featuring the proven Hacking Exposed method, this new edition reveals how to defend against the latest wireless network attacks by getting inside the mind of the hacker. Attack rates for wireless devices and wireless networks have skyrocketed with the global exponential growth of wireless-enabled technologies. Written by leading security experts and fully updated, Hacking Exposed Wireless, Third Edition blows the lid off how hackers zero-in on susceptible networks and peripherals, gain access, and execute debilitating attacks.

The book details how hackers exploit security holes in Wi-Fi/802.11 and Bluetooth systems, and attack the everyday devices used everywhere from airports to coffee shops. New to the third edition: tips and techniques to address today’s most pervasive Wi-Fi enabled exploits, as well as a new catalog of attack techniques that include 3G/4G, ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth Low Energy, software defined radio, and more. All Hacking Exposed series features are included—attack/countermeasures, risk ratings, case studies, self-assessment tips, check lists, and organizational strategies. Features 4 new chapters on attacking 3G and 4G networks, Bluetooth Low Energy systems, including Apple iBeacon, software defined radio (SDR) tools, home and building automation systems using ZigBee and Z-Wave, and aspects of critical infrastructure (smart energy systems and metering instrumentation) Covers the attack tools used to exploit wireless systems, including Aircrack-ng, GoodFET, GNU Radio, Pyrit, KillerBee, KillerZee, Ubertooth, and more Clear explanations for how to build and configure an effective wireless attack arsenal with the smartest hardware and software—illustrated by all-new, real-world attack and countermeasure examples Features specific, technical, and proven strategies to prevent, detect, and remediate common technology and architecture weaknesses and maintain tight security controls Up-to-date companion website includes toolkits for every chapter in the book

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