Git Recipes


Whether you’re relatively new to git or you need a refresher, or if you just need a quick, handy reference for common tasks in git, Git Recipes is just the reference book you need. With recipes to cover any task you can think of, including working with GitHub and git on BitBucket, Git Recipes shows you how to work with large repositories, new repositories, forks, clones, conflicts, differences, and it even gives you practical scenarios you may find yourself dealing with while using git. If you work with Git at all, you need this hands-on, practical reference for all things Git. What you’ll learn How to work with both well-known and local repositories How to deal with issues like dangling revisions and disjointed branches How to pinpoint who made specific changes How to deal with textual and binary conflicts How to work with hosted solutions like GitHub and BitBucket How to work with git in large groups Who this book is for People who need a quick, practical reference for everything related to Git. Table of Contents1. Getting started with git 2. Playing with well-known repositories 3. Creating Local Repositories with Linear History 4. Managing Files 5. Branches 6. Merging Branches 7. Rebasing branches 8. Modifying the history 9. Resolving Collisions 10. Remote repositories and synchronization 11. Hosting git repositories 12. Working with 13. More Recipes on Files

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